A render of the Smurtle after the initial design was finalised.

Where did the idea for the Smurtle come from?

The Smurtle was born while we were designing aged care therapy robots. We saw a need to make smart speakers look friendlier and portable. We loved the design so much we thought it needed a name and brand of it’s own, so we now call our smart turtle the ‘Smurtle’. 

What smart speakers does the Smurtle work with?

Currently the Smurtle can work with the Google Home Mini and the Amazon Alexa Dot (2nd Gen). You can use the Smurtle with the Amazon Alexa Dot (3rd Gen) but only when plugged into a wall socket.

Will the Smurtle have the same surface texture as the video?

All of the Smurtles used in the promotional material have been printed on our Flashforge Guider IIs 3D printers. The Smurtle design is the result of many hours prototyping and testing. You can check out some of our early designs and 3D printing in the prototype pictures section on Kickstarter. The final surface will be smooth with a matte quality finish.

What is a Smurtle made from?

The Smurtle will be made from ABS plastic (the same plastic used to make Lego) which is 100% recyclable and BPA free for child safety.

Who’s the team behind the Smurtle?

We also own and run a few software businesses including www.ezyplans.com (for property developers) and www.diji.com (analytics) and an aged care robotics therapy business in Australia called Robot Buddy - robotbuddy.com.au (No relation to Buddy the Robot!). Our team has extensive experience in design, coding, robotics, 3D printing, and marketing so we're confident we can deliver a great product.

Can I customize my Smurtle?

Sure. If you look at our prototype images you’ll see where we tested adding eyes. Eventually we decided that they looked more elegant without eyes but feel free to customize and send us some photos. 

What happens if a Smurtle gets wet?

The Smurtle is 100% waterproof - we’re pretty sure that your smart speaker and power bank won’t be though!

What does a Smurtle come with?

Each Smurtle is sold separately. It does not include a power bank, Google Home Mini or Amazon Alexa Dot. To keep shipping costs down, we’re looking at using air express satchels and minimal packaging. Good for the environment and it saves on shipping fees.

A Smurtle being used outside with a power bank.

How long will a power bank last?

Depending on your smart speaker usage and the size of your power bank, you can expect 2 - 3 days use before recharging a power bank is necessary. With an electrical current draw rate from a power bank averaging ~200mA, this means that a 10000mAh power bank can last up to 2 days.

What power banks did you test?

We've tested many different types, sizes and manufacturers of power banks to make sure Smurtle will fit most options - we can't guarantee they will fit with every type so check dimensions before ordering. You can check out a picture of the range of power banks we tested in our prototype section on Kickstarter. We’re happy to provide guidance if you have any questions.

What power banks do you recommend?

A Smurtle can hold a power bank up to 20000 mAh and size dimensions of approx 140mm length X 75mm width X 22mm height. We recommend (and we've bought a few!) the Xiaomi Power Bank 20000mAh 2C.

Is it safe to run a smart speaker from a power bank?

Our electrical engineer, who’s also doing his PhD in Robotics, tested the Smurtle and found it’s ok to use with a power bank both independently and whilst charging. A Smurtle will run indefinitely when a charger is attached to a power bank. However, there are a few power banks that have an extra safety mechanism that will cut off power to the Smurtle when charging. Our testing found no issues with rises in temperature, the maximum being 2 degrees celsius increase in temperature whilst in use for 10+ hours.

Testing a Smurtle with the Alexa Dot (3rd Gen).

Is Smurtle copyright?

As we’ve put plenty of hours, effort and money to design the Smurtle, we thought we should protect our design. Therefore, Smurtle is subject to Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent protection, registered and pending internationally. All rights reserved. © 2018 Robotaka Pty Ltd.

How can I contact you?

Please use the 'Contact Us' section on the Home page - and we'll be in touch within 48 hours.

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